We won’t know since it’s just begun. Happy New Year dear Readers!

And just before the day has met its halfway mark, two stars have already gone down—big names, big stars.

Natalie Cole, and her lovely voice singing her own dirge. Her father, beloved Nat King Cole assured us and sang emphatically, “You will never grow old.” How true, Natalie. You will never grow old, since you’ve passed away so early in life. Sixty five years old. Some live on past ninety. It’s sad to no longer hear that beautiful voice come alive. Beautiful and unforgettable.

The other big star who died—”Trapper” John McIntyre from M*A*S*H—Hawkeye’s counterpart. Although actor Wayne Rogers’ roles in other shows or movies might not be well remembered, he will always be missed as “Trapper” John. He did, however, live a longer life than Natalie—a ripe 82 years.

Both stars were unfortunately,compromised by serious complications.

Here’s a takeaway, people. Be health-wise. Your life, for the most part, is certainly in your own hands. Take hold of it. Live healthy. Eat right. Walk. Exercise. Help yourself stay healthy to enjoy this year and hereafter. This will be your best effort to make each year a very good year for yourself.


…Of humongous proportions, I must add. Not only has Tony Brasunas’ book been an immediate success, but his wholehearted effort in making his book this successful, is a story in itself. If you visit his website, www.tonybrasunas.com you will find his systematic engineering of his entire plot, plan, and perseverance in taking a germ of an idea about writing a book, into the next stage of providing details of this writing, and the final accomplishment: a successful publication and a winner of prestigious awards.

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DOUBLE HAPPINESS: One Man’s Tale of Love, Loss, and Wonder on the Long Roads of China
by Tony Brasunas, Torchporch Creative, 2013

“Every person, like a waterfall, has a story, a beauty, an unexpected twist to discover, a trajectory and a velocity.”

After reading Tony Brasunas’ recently published “Double Happiness”, I feel as if I have just emerged from an IMAX theatre, triumphant after watching in 3-D, an entire trilogy of a tireless quest through a lush landscape, for something very precious. The book leaves me with the same excitement, the surge of anticipation and exhilaration still ripping through the entire body I’d feel if I were exiting from an adventure-packed film. Trekking across the Middle Kingdom, over the expansive mountainous region, through incessant rain; careening down the Himalayan roads on a rollercoaster ride in a behemoth truck carrying bricks, not to mention the expedition across the Great Wall and the Himalayan foothills. What could prove more riveting?

Brasunas’ book is a moment to moment live narrative — we are there with him in the classroom with his Chinese students where, his task is not only to teach English, but to inspire the students to “uplift the nation.” Other times we’re jostling down the Chinese market streets soaking up the fragrances of Asia–the tea, the incense, the cigarettes, the garbage, the constant body odors, the piercing fish sauces, the spry ginger, the fortifying garlic, and the heft braised port wielding dark plum sauce.

Tony Brasunas has the makings of a good ambassador. To have spent time in close proximity with the people in the heart of China, watched them live their everyday lives, breathed in the landscape and participated in the spirituality, simplicity, and experienced firsthand Tibetan peace–this is the essence of global friendship–an acknowledgement of the people, and a way of establishing a peaceful world devoid of political machinations.

Double Happiness” is an interesting read for anyone, but more so for young men and women who have never traveled out of the country or those children born in America, or any place other than the country of origin of their immigrant parents. And as the author recommends, “every American should see his or her country from abroad.”

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A more detailed review can be found on www.dragonflypress-ca.com.