This website consolidates Pushpa MacFarlane’s web presence on the Internet. All the sites she created and managed on behalf of other writers over the years, including her personal blog sites, have been incorporated on this site.

The site also exhibits a wide scope of her work as an insightful writer, artist, graphic designer, and photographer. Her blog sites graphique and pica demonstrate her varied and perceptive writing in prose and poetry, and this website displays her acute interest in art appreciation, and in creating intricate works of art outside the scope of drawing and painting.

Pushpa’s creativity extends to writing about her culinary delight in vegetarian cuisines which she expresses in her blog site Basil-Instincts.

Furthermore, in March 2001, Pushpa released her first book, Remembering: An Anthology of Poems Read at Willow Glen Books, one of the last independent bookstores in San Jose, California. The book is published by Jacaranda Press, (2011). These books graced the shelves of Books Inc.on Castro Street in Mountain View, and Hicklebee’s on Lincoln Avenue, in Willow Glen, San Jose, both thriving independent bookstores in the South Bay.

The San Jose Mercury News published a recently written article about the making of the anthology in one of the Silicon Valley Community Newspapers,The Resident. Here is a link to this article:.
Poets who shared at Willow Glen Books in San Jose can remember with new book...

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