—The most common way people
give up their power is by thinking
they don’t have any. (Alice Walker)

Sometimes, there is nothing
you can do in a situation
you have no control over

but you can still decide
for yourself, what sounds
right in your heart.

In the convent school,
the nuns taught us
about our conscience—

They said the little voice
you heard in your head
was God talking to you.

All my life, I have believed
and understood, it defined
something important—

morality—a moral
consciousness—a state
or quality of awareness

of something external—
—within ourselves. Being
aware of what’s right

and what’s not. Speaking
out when you know
something’s awry;

taking that step to help
the blind, or teach
the obtuse, to connect

a wrong—or stop abuse
from people in power or
those in charge. We can

stand up for our rights.
Stay strong in spite of—
because of—what we

believe is right. Power up.

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